​                                       Invite The Sonrise" Kristoff" # 5939654
                                            Sorrel Gelding 4/15/19
                    My Ultimate Invitation X Zipin Sierra Sonrise
                            Sold to Randy & Angie Dokken

                 2019 FOALS
             Rose To Power "Elsa"# 5945269
            Sierra Jos Red Rose X The Powers On
                        4/15/2019 Palomino filly
                             SOLD Indiana buyer
Impulsive Babe X Roanys Sonny Bunny"Sven" #5939656
                4/30/2019 Sorrel Gelding 
     For Sale $2500 (will increase with training)
     Will be shown under the guidance of Bailey Dejong of 
     North River Performance Horses in Longeline in 2020
            Let The Impulse Go " Olaf"
    Impulsive Paula X Zipin Sierra Sonrise
            Sorrel Gelding 3/16/2019
                Sold To Alexis Booge